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Tentacult! is a game created by Salty Sloth Studios, a group of Entertainment Arts and Engineering students at the University of Utah. This copy of the game has been provided for free for portfolio purposes by the game's art director, Cameron Porcaro (drivec). Comments and questions can be sent to tentacult@cameronporcaro.com


Looking out on Pleasantville one afternoon, Lord Cthulhu realized he was very lonely. He decides to send a single Tentacute to go make new friends with these "Bonies." After enough friends have been made, the portal to R'lyeh opens &each friend will be sacrificed. In a style that is a cross between "Hotline Miami" and "Pikmin", convert your friends into fellow cute cephalopods! The problem? All of your newly converted friends are frickin' morons that mimic your every move! Luckily with strategic planning you can manipulate them against the environment to get back to the portal home to keep Lord Cthulhu company. 

PC Controls:
• WASD/↑↓→← - Move Swarm
• Space - Clump
• Mouse - Menu Navigation (not required)

Xbox Controls:
• Left Stick - Move Swarm
• Right Stick - Rotate Swarm
• A - Clump/Enter
• Start - Pause/Menu Open/Menu Close

• Control Swarm - Control your swarm in a QWOP manner. 
• Feed - Convert friendly neighbors into one of the swarm. 
• Form - Squish and squash your swarm into different shapes and sizes. 
• Clump - Bring all your friends close together! 
• Explore - What's that over there? 
• Sacrifice - Send your new friends home to Lord Cthulhu through the sacrificial altar.


Production and Design

Jennika Pasinsky
Nick Houghton
Cade Johnson 
Ben Brzowski
Devon Wilhite
Mathew White


Harley Brown
Ngan Nguyen
Yingge Kong


Cameron Porcaro
Te Zhang
Darron Kingston
Anda Deng
William Davis

Install instructions


There is no installer for this game. To play, simply run Tentacult.exe. The Tentacult_Data folder needs to be in the same directory as Tentacult.exe to run.

Mac (OS X 10.8 - macOS 10.14)

There is no installer for this game. To play, simply run Tentacult.app. If you feel like it, you can drag it to your Applications folder for easier access.

This software is not signed, so you may need to enabled running software from anywhere. If you right-click the game launcher and hit open, it will give you the option to open the game.

This software will not run on future versions of macOS, starting with 10.15, as it is 32-bit only.

If you so choose, you can run the Windows .exe using Wine 4.0.


Tentacult Mac.zip 253 MB
Tentacult Windows.zip 249 MB

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